Bible Truth and Missional Perspective

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About this Course All Christians need a solid grounding in the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. In this course you will walk through key doctrines with the help of the Nicene Creed, working them through to practical application in life and mission. The course encourages students to reconnect theology to practice and to enjoy big truths about God and the gospel in the routines of everyday life.

Course Overview

The Nicene Creed

Unit 1. The triune God in a fragmented world

Unit 2. The sovereign God in an anxious world

Unit 3. The creator God in a material world

Unit 4. The person of Christ in a hurting world

Unit 5. The sacrifice of Christ in a guilty world

Unit 6. The reign of Christ in a rebellious world

Unit 7. The justice of Christ in a self-justifying world

Unit 8. The life of the Spirit in a powerless world

Unit 9. The hope of the Spirit in a hopeless world

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